Feedback from a newbie

General questions about VestaCP
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Feedback from a newbie

Postby mysterty » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:11 am


VestaCP is... cool.
Nice design, easy to install, intuitive...

But only for ultra basic use.

First : if you already run an apache server with existant config and databases, vesta just remove all configuration and delete all databases without a single warning or whatever. NOT COOL.
Second : how could we manage existing website in specific directories ? how can we change vhost ? i didn't find (but i'm noob (but i didn't find)).
Third : at suppression of vesta, it still some modification in apache wich still call to vesta deleting config file, so you have to entirely re-install all your lamp. NOT COOL.

So : keep up it guys, good work, but expecting a v1 with a perfect installer/desinstaller and better server admin possibilities ;)

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Re: Feedback from a newbie

Postby demian » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:44 am

two solutions
1. Copy and change the templates as you need
apache templates: /usr/local/vesta/data/templates/web/httpd/

2. Templates provide for the use of an additional file, which is not modified when the virtual host changes
config file: httpd.your_idn.conf

for each virtualhost there is a string:
IncludeOptional /home/invest/conf/web/httpd.name_virtualhost.conf*

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