Can´t Receive E-mail from some servers

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Can´t Receive E-mail from some servers

Postby riclamer » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:30 pm

I have a new installation of VestaCP in Centos. I Created a new domain , and all function like FTP, HTTP, MySql are working perfectly. The e-mail Server Exim, also are wortking, i receive e-mail from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, but have some domain that i can´r receive the e-mail.

I received a Reply of Delivery report:

Reporting-MTA: dns;
X-PowerMTA-VirtualMTA: lw_cpanel_filtro_rcpt_r
Received-From-MTA: dns; (
Arrival-Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 21:46:15 -0300

Original-Recipient: rfc822;
Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 4.4.4 (unable to route: dns lookup failure)
X-PowerMTA-BounceCategory: routing-errors


How i can access direct log of Exim to see the connection of others servers ?

And how i can make a diagnostic of my e-mail server to know some errors ?


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