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Information about new releases and bug fixes
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Postby skurudo » Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:30 am

- Improved UI
- MultiFTP Support
- Exim Queue Chart
- Arabic Language file. Thanks to Bashar Al-Abdulhadi
- Italian Language Support. Thanks to Fabio Cagliero
- Finnish Languge Support. Thanks to Juho Räsänen and Onni Hakala
- French Language Support. Thanks to nhoway
- Hungarian Language Support. Thanks to Kovacs Akos http://kovacsakos.info
- Improved SSL CA Validation
- Detailed report on mysql dump error
- Restart Confirmation Dialogue
- Autorefresh Module for Graphs
- Switched service manager from init.d to service command
- Switched free memeory rrd overlay style to linear
- Updated nginx extention list. Thanks to Vasily Kraev
- Updated skel templates. Thanks to Jason Hanes
- Urlencoder for DNS Cluster API
- Fixed dnsbl+authentication router. Thanks to Mirek Kratochvil
- Fix for tar version earlier than 1.24 to preserve directory ownership
- Fixed autoupdate script. Thanks to Kijamve
- Fixed some spelling errors. Thanks to Estratos Consulting
- Fixed backup exclusion for cron objects
- Fixed MySQL autostart issue on Ubuntu 14.04
- Fixed Awstats template parser for Ubuntu 14.04
- Fixed NameServer validation bug
- Fixed FS-Quota conversion. Thanks to demlasjr
- Fixed spelling. Thanks to Jakub Ďuraš, Kotso, Dustin Dauncey

Released on Monday August 4, 2014
-> DigitalOcean competition - please, support us
-> fix for phpmyadmin - nice and sweet now

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