[Feature Request] Let's Encrypt SAN/UCC Certificates

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[Feature Request] Let's Encrypt SAN/UCC Certificates

Postby snakehill » Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:40 pm

I like and really appreciate the addition of Let's Encrypt support and it almost made me ditch third party solutions altogether. However, converting all existing domains to 'Lets Encrypt Support' was quite a tedious process (as described in here) and because via this implementation each and every domain gets its very own SSL certificate, it's extremely easy to run into the Let's Encrypt Rate Limits, in particular regarding 'Certificates per Registered Domain', something that was of no worries for me beforehand.

It would be really nice if we could just select up to 100 domains from the Web list page (/list/web) and could select 'Add Let's Encrypt Support' from the 'Apply to selected' dropdown. The selected domains could then all be combined into one and the same certificate and share the same keys (the generated SSL keys will be exactly the same for all of those domains anyways) and if only one domain is selected, then the certificate will be for just that one.

Using the 'Apply to selected' dropdown is just an idea. Literally any way to get SAN/UCC certificates right from Vesta CP would be nice. I just always sort of wished there was more to choose from in the 'Apply to selected' dropdown to make bulk changes, rather than just domain suspension and deletion options.

Such multi-domain/SAN/UCC support, which pretty much all third party solutions offer (e.g. interbrite's letsencrypt-vesta, via 'letsencrypt-vesta -u admin domain1.com sub.domain1.com domain2.com') would be much appreciated, if not a must for a proper or complete Let's Encrypt implementation.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Re: [Feature Request] Let's Encrypt SAN/UCC Certificates

Postby zaqueon » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:45 am

I find it very interesting. The problem is that Letsencript is going to give certificates wildcard in January.

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