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Is My DNS Proper Setup?

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Is My DNS Proper Setup?

Postby openVZvsKVM » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:11 pm

I have so many vps. I have one domain for dns for example "example.com". I am doing some DNS Setting in some Vestacp VPS! can you tell me is it all proper DNS setup or not? For main Domain i am using Cloudflare NS for example "example.com" NS1 is
"dawn.ns.cloudflare.com" and NS2 is "john.ns.cloudflare.com ". I am create all subdomain or hostname via Cloudflare DNS

Example.com is Point to Blogger dot com But,
Server 1
Hostname: srv1.example.com
Server IP:
Nameserver: ns1.example.com
Nameserver2: ns2.example.com

in cloudflare I have create 3 A Record "srv1 point to", "ns1 point to" and "ns2"

Server 2
Hostname: srv2.example.com
Server IP:
Nameserver: ns3.example.com
Nameserver2: ns4.example.com

in cloudflare I have create 3 A Record "srv2 point to", "ns3 point to" and "ns4"

after do that I have just add example.com domain in dns and change its Template to child-ns (example.com is point to blogger via cloudflare) and add nameserver in packages. I did that with both Vestacp VPS. After do that i have add domain in vestacp and use ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com in added domain registrar. Domain Live and working fine!
is that all setup is perfect or not?

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