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Vesta stopped working

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Vesta stopped working

Postby jellelimpens » Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:04 pm

I have a small problem. Today I rebooted my system and Vesta suddenly stopped working. On this moment it doesn't run.
When I type "service vesta start" I will go straight to a next code line. And when I type "service vesta status" it says its active.
Please can anybody help me?

VestaCP Team
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Re: Vesta stopped working

Postby imperio » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:55 pm

Send the result of this command

Code: Select all

service vesta restart

and send here vestacp logs

Code: Select all

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Re: Vesta stopped working

Postby mehargags » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:45 pm

so post the contents of the log... it is what you should be looking at

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