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Server Tab list is empty

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:19 am
by pipoy

So my site has been down for a couple of days that I did not notice.
Upon checking, the disk is full. And the cause is in the backup folder

Last good backup was july 4. And there is a lot of tmp.**** folders which eats most of the disk resource.

I only configured 3 backups total. Therefore, old backups shall be deleted. What I dont understand how the disk went full and there is a lot of tmp folders in the backup folder.

So then I deleted the tmp folders and wanted to have a good and latest backup.

However, when I clicked on the backup button, it says Error: BACKUP_SYSTEM is not enabled

So I went to the server tab and I see an empty list


I already restarted server

Ok so i looked at the vesta.conf file and it is empty. Good thing I have a backup for the file and restored it.
Working now.

But Im not sure if this is over.

Weird that this happened. And I see these files in the /usr/local/vesta/conf/ folder
---------- 1 root root 0 Jul 12 05:10 sedEhZHP3
---------- 1 root root 0 Jul 13 05:10 sedG8GwcU
---------- 1 root root 0 Jul 14 05:10 sedNa6Coe
---------- 1 root root 0 Jul 16 05:10 sedTI4eIO
---------- 1 root root 0 Jul 15 05:10 sedv2GvUY