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Idea for a quick php5/7 switch

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:41 pm
by mbremm

many php5 applications are not ready yet to run on php7,
so I needed a dual-php configuration on ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

u16.04 ships with php7, and the version scheme has changed just a little:
php5 is gone, php7 now is just php, and after adding php5 from ondrej/php that one is php5.6

Vesta is a fine piece of art and I love working with it.

I've invested another day to add a switch for nginx/php-fpm (no apache),
whereas "news sites" default to 5.6 (for mass migration from u14),
unless "v-add-web-domain-backend" is set to web7 with ports starting at 9700

The basic idea to use different port-ranges for php5 / php7 pools,
while using pools for their excellent owership capabilities (user) over sockets (www-data)

!! Hack !!
This is a quick workaround (aka. hack) of 5 vesta-core files while waiting for the team to add a similar feature,
please steal my ideas and let me know where to send the actual scripts :)

(There are certainly other ways, but they may take more time to implement)

The scripts are not fully completed and tested yet, but will do over the next few days
(e.g. deletion of php7 pools is missing, but can be done via ssh),
and a complete write-up might be in order
- unless this feature will be available really soon //

See images:

bc1 created as php-5.6:

bc1 created as php-7.0: