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Apache - PHP FCGID & Worker MPM

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Apache - PHP FCGID & Worker MPM

Postby birender » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:14 am

Dear Vesta Team,

If we are using the FCGID PHP with Apache 2.4 then we should able to change prefork to worker why your settings not allowing it to do as your template for PHP FCGID still have the reference for apache MOD_PHP and cause the configuration file errors which belong to MOD_PHP if we are using the FCGID PHP then there should be to MOD_PHP reference in that file can i have the updated template file.

As worker or event MPM performs better with FCGID PHP instead of prefork MPM.

And how to have custom error pages these also missing in Apache2 templates there is no reference to custom errors please update the template files for apache2



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