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Change main domain

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:04 am
by gospelsinger
I've recently acquired a VPS and decided that vestacp would be the best way to manage my domain.
I've installed vestacp, secured it, created a vanity domain etc.

BUT (yes there's a but)

I did so on a test domain that i've bought in order to test all the configurations/settings, since i didn't want my email, current website, etc. to go dark for several hours.

Now here's the thing, what would be the best way to change/add a domain but retain the same configuration I've set up for this domain?

Essentially what I did is that i bought where I usually run my website under

Somehow, if the easiest route is to make my real domain an alias of the, then be it. But what about email? Can I have alias with my real email as well?