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Intermittent errors when serving VestaCP through nginx reverse proxy

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:50 pm
by steens
I am trying to configure a "website" in VestaCP, which serves as a way to access the panel on port 443 instead of 8083.
I created a new template, vestaproxy.stpl (and .tpl of course), which looks like this:
This seems to work pretty well, but for some reason, we get intermittent "Connection refused" errors, mostly when updating or deleting users/websites. The item in question is still deleted as it should, but it is very annoying to have to go back and then reload to see if it actually worked.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install VestaCP on a fresh Debian 9 (nginx + apache version)

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curl -sO
bash \
	--force --nginx yes --apache yes --phpfpm no --vsftpd no --proftpd no \
	--named no --mysql yes --postgresql no --exim no --dovecot no --clamav no \
	--spamassassin no --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota no --lang en \
	--interactive no --hostname $(hostname --fqdn) --email
2. Download my templates

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wget -O $VESTA/data/templates/web/nginx/vestaproxy.stpl
wget -O $VESTA/data/templates/web/nginx/vestaproxy.tpl
3. Create a new vhost through VestaCP to access it from in the future

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v-add-web-domain admin
v-change-web-domain-proxy-tpl admin vestaproxy
4. Add SSL of whatever kind makes you happy
5. Visit the panel through the new domain, e.g.
6. Create a new website with whatever bogus settings you want and try to delete it again. Result should be an error from the browser because the server returned an empty response. Sometimes it also shows as connection refused or even a VestaCP error saying that it doesn't exist.

If you cannot reproduce, I have a blank server that shows this exact behaviour.