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VestaCP and non existent subdomains ?

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:20 pm
by Spheerys
Hi :)

There is something I don't understand with VestaCP and DNS

Generally, my domain name have a bind zone like this (just few lines of the whole bind zone) :

Code: Select all

* 600 IN A
@ 600 IN A
Thus, I get the possibility to join my server with those full qualified domain names : Maybe it's a bad practice, but for now, it's very easy to deploy quickly a without changing DNS : if I'm going to, the website is obviously there because it was created in VerstaCP

But there is a strange thing when you try to reach an non existent subdomain : you will get from webserver a SSL error and you even can force to accept the wrong SSL cert. In this case, you will reach another hosted website (the last one ? the first one ?).

What I want to get in this case, is a simple Error 404 message or similar, without the possibility to reach anything.

Do you know how can I do this ?

I'm asking because I'm thinking my configuration generate this issue about "Host header attack" viewtopic.php?f=10&t=20030

The point is I don't know how to solved it efficiently... and I'm pretty sure the is something to do with Apache/Nginx servers...
Thanks for your answers :)