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SSL Letsencrypt auto renew problem

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2021 2:56 am
by tecgurus
I'm using proxy_pass with SSL Letsencrypt (auto renew) with 2 configurations like this, port 8888 i have a Java Spring Boot application:

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location / {
        proxy_pass      http://134.209.170.XXX:8888;
location @fallback {
        proxy_pass      http://134.209.170.XXX:8888;
This works fine with the redirect request from to the spring boot app but i dont know why this configuration is losed and changed to https with different port #####, i think this occurs when my letsencrypt certbot renew the certificate, is there any way to avoid this change to default values ? or other way to avoid manual configuration each certain time.

Thanks a lot

Re: SSL Letsencrypt auto renew problem

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:03 am
by skurudo