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Is it Possible to Config Exim using Proxmox-Mail-Gateway

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:59 pm
by chaiyuttochai
I wondering to config all mail in exim config to using Promox Mail Gateway
For Spam&Virus filters all incoming and outgoing?


Currently i was doing a lab for this email server for a better spam & Malware filters.
I like the feature management of Proxmox Mail Gateway And it's seem better than default
Exim Mail server from Vestacp as default. It has a management feature such as log. In/Out
Virus/Mulware Detect or Block. You can event defind a rule for fillter easier than config exim.conf

Thus i want to ...
All Incoming email go to proxmox mail gateway then go vestacp mailserver
All Outgoing email go to proxmox mail gateway then go internet to destination.

Is anyone trying this solution before??
Or else anyone want to do this lab with me??
I think this is a interesting solution.