How-to create PTR records in Vesta?

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How-to create PTR records in Vesta?

Postby webix » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:54 pm

First of all, i searched the forums and i didn't found an answer for my question. All answers i got is to contact my provider.
Something that doesn't apply to me.

I have /22 IP range that i got from the RTR. And i configured properly the reverse domain for
My question is: How damn will i add the PTR record for ip's?

I tried to add the PTR record for and Vesta doesn't accept it.
Does that mean that i can never configure a PTR for the 0 ip?

Note 1: If i add it manually on the .db dns file and restart bind, it works perfectly!
Note 2: If i add the ip finishing in 1 or 2 or etc... it also works perfectly. Only the ip ending in 0 (zero) doesn't work.

Any advice?

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