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Temporary Links for New Domains

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:51 pm
by dbinet
Hello All,

Hope you all are doing well today. I have a couple of questions regarding the instructions on how to set up Temporary links for new domains.
The instructions i have been reviewing are from Vesta documentation found here: ... ew-domains

To clarify, I don't have 2 IPs pointing to my AWS instance, just one but i assume that should be okay and i should follow the instructions the same just for 1 IP not 2.

Snippets in green-and-italics from the instructions:

"For instance, you have 2 IP addresses on a server, and Let's say your site is Then you need to set up 2 wildcards for each ip address. "

Question: When setting up the control panel, Vesta requires a subdomain as the FQDN. So is it the FQDN (subdomain) that I need to add these DNS entries to?

Go to the DNS menu. Click on a "add record" under the domain and enter following
Record: *.alpha
Type: A

Now the DNS part is complete. Let's assign those domains to corresponding ip addresses. Go to the IP menu. Select Click on edit button opposite and add in the "Assigned Domain" text field.

Question: On a clean panel install there is no other domain to add these entries to except the subdomain that is used to set the panel up with. So maybe the idea is to add the main domain of the FQDN now first?
If I use the subdomain it would end up being:
Would that be correct?

"Now when your user add new domain it will automatically get tophost alias. If a person added on a then he will be able to see his domain by opening As you can see dots in original domain has been replaced with dashes. "

Question: So with a newly added domain, and adding these DNS entries to the FQDN subdomain, previewing it would look like:
instead of:

At any rate, this doesn't work when tested. So I am definitely misunderstanding things.
Thank you for any advice and help, it is greatly appreciated.