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Percona + MySql + php 7

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Percona + MySql + php 7

Postby BBuchanan1013 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:43 pm

So this is generally for phpmyadmin, Ubuntu 16, and Percona.

I found a bug where Phpmyadmin wouldn't allow you to view the users from the Percona server. It'd tell you to run

Code: Select all

root@server: mysql_upgrade

but this wouldn't fix the issue. So I went web searching. It's actually an issue between Percona and phpmyadmin.

The fix:
find: /usr/share/phpmyadmin/libraries/server_privileges.lib.php
Line: 4576

Code: Select all

 if (PMA_Util::getServerType() == 'MySQL'
         && PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION >= 50706
     ) {
         $password_column = 'authentication_string';

Needs an addition:

Code: Select all

if ((PMA_Util::getServerType() == 'MySQL' || PMA_Util::getServerType() == 'Percona Server')
         && PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION >= 50706
     ) {
         $password_column = 'authentication_string';

This worked for me, I wanted to share it in case anyone else ran into this issue.

Server version: 5.7.18-15
Version information: (phpmyadmin)

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