Namecheap & Comodo PositiveSSL - again

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Namecheap & Comodo PositiveSSL - again

Postby EDPR » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:45 pm

I have Vesta 0.9.8 on CentOS 6.8/64
Registered a domain at Namecheap and got the promotion "Comodo PositiveSSL" for an extra 2 or 3 bucks.

I did a "Generate CSR" in Vesta, submitted it via the Namecheap interface and now I got the welcome email from Comodo, telling me my certificate has been issued and is ready to use.

The email had 2 attachments:

Comodo attachment 1: - "Your Apache "bundle" file"

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Comodo attachment 2: domain.crt - "Your PositiveSSL Certificate"

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Also included in welcome email Comodo ("Your PositiveSSL Certificate for in text format (if required)")
- Which is the same as my initial "Generate CSR" I got from Vesta
- Same is to be found in the "CSR Code" section in the namecheap control panel

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If I click "DECODE" in the namecheap control panel I get a popup with:

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Primary Domain:  [domain]
Server Type:   Apache, cPanel, or Other
Hashing Algorithm:   SHA-2
Email:   [myemail]
Company:  [mycompany]
Department: IT
Location:  [mylocation]

That's all I got. I tried to copy & paste these into the 3 textboxes:
Box 1: SSL Certificate / Generate CSR
Box 2: SSL Key
Box 3: SSL Certificate Authority / Intermediate (optional)

I tried 20 times with different positions. Vesta doesn't accept no matter what I put where. Any suggestions?

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Re: Namecheap & Comodo PositiveSSL - again

Postby noogen » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:19 pm

Box1: This is the certificate - they email you this some time. It should start with '-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----'. This is not to be confuse with CSR which start with '-----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----'. This is just a single certificate, not to be confuse with your CA bundle, which has two certificate concatenated together.

Box2: When you generate your CSR. It get signed by some private key, file usually ends with '.key'. Find this key on your file system where you generate it, usually next to where you generate your '.csr' file.

Box3: You can put the here but it is optional.

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