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Web interface loading of LoRA App Server on Centos 7

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 8:29 am
by Xanesi
Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to setup LoRA Sever and LoRA App Server on Centos 7.
I was able to setup the config file. Since it is Centos 7, I have to run the server from binary.
Also, there are other things running on the server, so for external API, I have set port number as 8081.
Binary is also been executed without error, the issue is, the web interface is not loading up. It’s getting a timeout.

Please tell me where should I start hunting for the issue, or is there an issue because of the charging port? To make it work on a different port (other than 8080) anything else I am supposed to do? Alo, how do you think, web interface is the most main part of UI/UX ? I read from this post - ... rends-2021, that it one of main components of UI

Thanks in advance !