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Import user account from CWP (centos web panel) to VestaCP

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Import user account from CWP (centos web panel) to VestaCP

Postby skamasle » Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:30 am

In this case I do lite script to transfer users from CWP to vestacp

This script can:

- Create user
- Copy mysql databases, users and passwords
- Copy mail accounts, with mails and mail password
- Copy domains and subdomains

Why this not copy real user password ?

Is very easy to do, but also is easy to reset user password from vestacp, of course this will be implemented

Script is in development yet, it works fine but need some extra functions for remote conextions

- Get mysql root passwords
- Test mysql conections
- Give grant access

And something more,

So for now you need edit this values manully, test than you can conect to remote SSH server, test than you can access to mysql from your server.

You also need conect both servers with ssh-keys

When I get some time i will modify script to do it automaticly, for now it working and if some body want help to improve script or want download it and transfer users from centos web panel you can do it from github


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