Sync VestaCP Domains with Rainloop

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Sync VestaCP Domains with Rainloop

Postby chaosjester » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:37 am

Hi All,
I wanted to automate configuring Rainloop with my VestaCP domains and couldn't really find anything so I made a simple script to do a simple sync with VestaCP.

The script can be found here -, feel free to fork and expand on it. I am sure there are "better" or "easier" ways of doing this, but with my limited scripting skills this is how I chose to do this.

What it does do:
  • Pull user list then use list to find all domains
  • Look in Rainloop domain configuration directory and create a config file if none exists
  • Logs creation or skip to file
What it does not (and may or may not do in future):
  • Evaluate if the user has gmail as a mail DNS template and skip
  • Evaluate if the user has no mail domains configured and skip
  • Allow users to change POP/IMAP passwords within rainloop

Currently I have Rainloop installed in a subdomain, so my set up wont allow my users to use as that still goes to Roundcube, so if anyone has set up Rainloop to replace Roundcube, I am not sure if this will work.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

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