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Simple "Info" (Welcome Page) AddOn for VestaCP

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Simple "Info" (Welcome Page) AddOn for VestaCP

Postby orwah » Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:14 am


this is a simple try to make a Customizable welcome page , so beginner clients can know how to use your hosting services , and you can put your support / email or any thing you think that users must see it .

Generally Users will see this "info" welcome page like this :



1- Upload Folder : vesta\web\list\info to your server

2- take backup for both files "panel.html" on web\templates\admin\ and web\templates\user\

3- Upload web\templates\admin\panel.html and Upload web\templates\user\panel.html

4- change the File Owner/group for 'info.txt' to : admin:admin (or you can set permission to 666 instead of changing owner).


you can go to vesta admin , you will see new "Info" tab after backup . you can set the info page from here :


and this is the Info Admin page :


Variables like %domain% , %user% , %ip% etc ... : will take the specific values for every user , for example you can put physical Directory in your admin page as /home/%user%/web/%domain%/public_html and they will see it on thier pages as : /home/username/web/userdomain.com/public_html depending on what is the username and userdomain for every user.

this is what user accounts will see :


please feel free to change and enhance this very simple code , it is just simple example no copyrights

files are here :


Orwah issa

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Re: Simple "Info" (Welcome Page) AddOn for VestaCP

Postby huloza » Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:16 am

Good contribution :)


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Re: Simple "Info" (Welcome Page) AddOn for VestaCP

Postby Mr.Erbutw » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:20 pm


Code: Select all

$U_IP = [$U_Domain]['IP'];


Code: Select all

$U_IP = $maindomains [$U_Domain]['IP'];

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