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Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:32 am
by skurudo
- New UI theme
- PHP-FPM support
- RHEL/CentOS 7 support
- Server configuration via web iterface
- Unlimited host pacakge support
- Fixed security bug #HTB23261 (OS Command Injection) Thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research
- Fixed security bug #CVE-2015-2861 (CSRF vulnerability) Thanks to Ben Khlifa Fahmi from Tunisian Whitehat Security and CERT(R) Coordination Center
- Fixed security bug #VST26329 (Password hijacking) Thanks to Sergey Martynov
- Turkish language support by
- Chinese (Taiwan) language support. Thanks to 吳汝剛
- Greek language support by Cemendur
- Swedish language support. Thanks to E.C. Westgren
- SHA2 SSL Support for certificate generator
- API key generator. Thanks to Stuart H Jimenez
- More specific function for detecting Ubuntu. Thanks to Henri Hulski
- TimeZone API calls
- Hide/Unhide password JS feature
- CloudFlare IP pool support for Nginx
- Default IMAP folder auto-creation
- Remote backups via SFTP. Thanks to Sergey Abramchuk
- Quita a lot of minor bugfixes

Special thanks to all our contributors
Released on Wednesday June 03, 2015