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Postby skurudo » Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:33 am

- File Manager (commercial plugin)


- SFTP Chroot (commercial plugin)

- Monitoring Tools: top/free/df/server-status/mysql-status/etc


- New installer

- Advanced installer to enable only specific components


- Improved PHP-FPM support

- UI: Notification center


- UI: Starred objects

- UI: Object sorting


- UI: HotKeys suport


- UI: Mail account settings JS hint
- UI: Autofocus on first input when adding/editing
- UI: Up to 8 nameserver dns support
- Core: Improved system logger, domain adding api and backup routine
- Japanese language support. Thanks to Flatta
- Polish language support. Thanks to MarPiRK
- Vietnamese language support. Thanks to Nguyen Ngoc Phuong
- Security Fix: Command Injection and XSS Thanks to Global IT
- BugFix: DNS Cluster SOA synchronization
- BugFix: Bulk Operation
- BugFix: Backup exclusions
- BugFix: Domain validation
- BugFix: FTP user name prefix
- BugFix: Fail2Ban manager
- BugFix: Service manager

Special thanks to James Weir, Joe M, Daniel Ting, fantomgs, Ian van Wijk, Demon_Goxa, Sertaç ÇELİK, Pavel Galkin, vlad-ya, Tjebbe Lievens, Kovacs Akos, Kijam López , Mustafa Taleb, ozgurbozkurt, System Void, Keiro, nobodypb, Ilya Shipitsin, flynet70, Olexandr Loskutov and all our contributors

Released on Friday November 06, 2015
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