(Jun 22) Release 0.9.8-19 with bug fixes available now. Run this command for update v-update-sys-vesta-all


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Postby skurudo » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:10 pm

- Full keyboard control
- Cron Helper
- LetsEncrypt Support (cli-only)
- File permission in File Manager
- Handle DES passwords
- New templates for PHP-FPM
- New and more secure basic templates (default templates with open_basedir)
- Core refactoring
- Roundcube password driver update
- Fix, restore script and names with "_"
- Fix, backup exclusions and domain name with number
- Fix, backup exclusions and numbers in path
- Fix, backup exclusions for cron
- Fix, delete forward mail
- Fix, CSR empty field error
- Correction for state of list services
- Fix SSL includes on Nginx
- NS fields update
- Adding domain corrections
- Update for cron command line and '\' symbols
- Increased File Manager default limits
- UI fixes
- FTP credentials for long names with "_"
- FTP default permission changes
- Remove redundant quotes in .html files
- no-php.tpl files now more compatible with PHP7
- Exim auto reply fix
- Improve firewall rules
- Dozen bugfixes including security issues

- Language files update
Thanks to Clark Chen, Didier Roy, Flatta, Selim Can CABA, Nguyen Ngoc Phuong

Thanks to Tjebbe Lievens, n1trux, Orwah Issa, SysVoid, vestingpanel, drsdre, martijnded, Rune Laenen, Azuya, olshek, Martin Raiola, rumi55, Roman Florea, Roman Sadoyan, Maks Skamasle, Nikolay Didenko, dpeca

Special thanks to security researcher Nicolas Grégoire (Agarri), Yury Maryshev (Positive Technologies), Oleg Petrov, Austin Morton, Kent (varuzam)


Cron Helper demo

Full keyboard control demo

Released on Monday Juny 27, 2016
-> DigitalOcean competition - please, support us
-> fix for phpmyadmin - nice and sweet now

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