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Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:51 am
by skid
*** WHATS NEW in 0.9.7-18 ****

One screenshot represents 3 features:
  • New html code
    Submenu is now perfectly aligned with buttons and dropdown dialog box
  • IP Owner is shown
    Now you can see who is ip owner without editing ip address.
  • Reread IP Addresses
    This function can be helpful if server ip has been changed. Run reread and ip address will appear in the control panel.
  • Fix for missing package names begin with numbers
  • Fixed bug on ip removal
  • Fix for shell change in package
  • Fix for broken dns unsuspend function
  • Improved traffic calc function
  • Fixed incomplete mail account listing bug
We are happy to introduce a new WHMCS Module which has been sponsored by our friends from

Exim Whitelist
Additionally we have build new exim configuration with whitelist support. Here is guide how to install it:

Code: Select all

# Download new exim configuration
wget -O /etc/exim/exim.conf
# Create whitelist file
# Restart exim
service exim restart
# Add customer ip for example
echo >> /etc/exim/white-blocks.conf

if you faced any other issue please open new topic, this one is for notification only.