(Dec 29) New version 0.9.8-18 has been released


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Postby skid » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:00 pm

*** WHATS NEW in 0.9.8-1 ****
  • Improved Template Logic.
    From now it is possible to explicitly specify template for httpd, nginx or named in the user package.

  • Click on username on the top right corner and you will get to the user edit page
  • Romanian language support

  • DNS Cluster support
    if you want to add slave server, use v-add-remote-dns-host script

    Code: Select all

    Error: not enought arguments
    Usage: v-add-remote-dns-host HOST PORT USER PASSWORD [TYPE] [DNS_USER]

  • Record order
    Now you can arrange record order. It is useful if you have wildcard records .

  • Click on a row to check/uncheck it

  • Bugfix for missing ns3 and ns4

  • Web-log viewer
    Click on a "view logs" button if you want to open weblog viewer

  • Fixed i18n login bug

  • FTP users will have the SFTP support as well as well

  • Orange highlight on active element.

if you faced any other issue please open new topic, this one is for notification only.

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