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Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:06 pm
by skid
*** WHATS NEW in 0.9.8-6 ****

Quick links after successful object creation (login as/webmail/pma)

New style for "Add" button.

Checkbox to control email forwarding behaviour

Database host selector (in case you have a cluster)

Portuguese language support made by he-rnand-es

System info and reboot button on a service page.

- More robust dns cluster sync
- User backup/restore logging
- Database names can contain dots
- Database user field is now changeable
- Spaces are now allowed in First Name and Last Name
- Custom 3rd party links (can be set in vesta.conf)
- New script to change domain owner (v-change-domain-owner)
- New script to database owner (v-change-database-owner)
- New script to show DKIM records in Bind format (v-list-mail-domain-dkim-dns)

- Ursadon fixed return code for is_mail_new()
- Ursadon fixed bug in email accounts restore
- Fix for full restore button
- Fix for custom ftp restore
- Fix for package change on Debian and Ubuntu
- Fix for webalizer and awstats on Debian/Ubuntu
- Fix for remi awstats package
- Fix for date and time on database creation
- Fix for Web API encoding artefacts in web API

P.S. Don't forged to refresh page using ctr+r after upgrade to see new styles.