(Dec 29) New version 0.9.8-18 has been released


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Postby skid » Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:41 am

*** WHATS NEW in 0.9.8-7 ****

Now you can generate self-signed SSL certificates and make CSR requests.
The link is located near SSL suppport field for the web domain.

Dns editor shows full domain on the right side.
Works the same way like hints for the databases and ftp users.

- German language support by Nevil Verdoold <evilverdoold@gmail.com>
- Indonesian(slank) language support by Rumi <rumi4acc@gmail.com>
- Chinese language support by Kevin <kevin@kvm.la>

- Single-character email usernames support
- New HTML layout
- Improved DNS record validation
- Default dkim size is now set to 1024
- Explicit errors when service restart fails
- Fix for logged-in message window
- Fix for missing FWD_ONLY flag on restore
- Fix for MX and CNAME (IDN support)
- Fix for missing nginx restart trigger on template change
- Fix for awstats months associations
- Fix for SSL template change
- Fix for PostgreSQL database status

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