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Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:48 pm
by skid
Auto Updates
If you want vesta to be autoupdated for fast bug fixes, new features, performance enhancements and user interface improvements you can simply click to enable this feature..

Backup Exclusions
We introduced a simple method to exclude some file from backup. It can be useful if you want to exclude cache files from daily backup.

RRD Graphs
Memory chart is now displaying both the used and the free memory
As request we have disabled external access to the graphs by default. Please note that vesta-nginx package needs to be upgraded to enable new configuration.

Supported OS
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) is now fully supported

Dutch Language support by drMacFaulty ( and Ricardo (

DNS Cluster Impovements.
Starting this release, dns slave can work without actually running Bind

Internal Log System
Now vesta logs errors into separate file /var/log/vesta/error.log

Backup System
If backup system failed to run because of high LoadAverage you will receive detailed email report including output of the top command.

Fix for missing pages (404 error handler)
Fix for nginx configuration error on rebuild
Fix for template verification on restore
Fix for backup ownership verification
Fix for preg_match() ruleset
Fix for ftp account which starts with digits
Fix for 1024 DKIM keys. Thanks to demlasjr
Fix for exim user on Debian/Ubuntu
Fix for uppercase email accounts
Fix for trailing dot on dns record change
Fix apparmor on Debian
Fix for file ownership after running v-change-domain-owner
Fix for database tmpdir cleanup

P.S. unfortunately we had to postpone some of the planned features. They are going to be released in the 0.9.8-9.