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what is the equivalent cron in vesta

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what is the equivalent cron in vesta

Postby carlosmz » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:42 am

I have Installed a CRM Script that recommends:
to enable the recurring invoices you have to add this command

/usr/bin/curl -k https://www.meudominio.com/pasta/index. ... ynchronize on the cron job in your CPanel

Has I'm using VestaCP, I would like to know what would be the equivalent command to run this cron in vestacp?


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Re: what is the equivalent cron in vesta

Postby DarthVader » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:13 am

Cron is not package of vesta.
This is unix / linux daemon.
You could define cronjos in <host>:8083 -> User -> Cron (on the right side of your screen)

If you advanced user - you can install without vesta wizard:
# crontab -u <user> -e

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