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Ftp problem vestaCP Debian 9 OVH

Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2022 4:31 pm
by maiumy
I have installed vestaCP on new Debian 9 VPS hosted by OVH.
I edited the default domain already configured in Vestacp (vps-4e1c...) adding additional ftp to login via Filezilla.
The problem is that when I try to connect to the domain via Filezilla it report "ECONNREFUSED".
I have tryed using ftp <ip server> on Windows but the connection is refused.
How I can solve?

Re: Ftp problem vestaCP Debian 9 OVH

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2022 6:44 pm
by sandro
You need to check if the FTP ports are open on the firewall, as you are getting a connection refused error.

Check the firewall of both the Debian server and the datacenter.

A simple test is to run the command "telnet IP 21" to verify port 21 is open.